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The EU FLEGT VPA Programme is a programme funded by the European Union and coordinated by the AFD (Agence Française de Développement).

The EU FLEGT VPA Programme aims to promote sustainable forest management and reduce illegal logging through supporting the implementation of VPAs.

The actions are guided by the planning tools agreed between EU and the partner country. The support will be targeted and flexible.

The EU FLEGT VPA Programme is focusing on country-level and local stakeholder level projects. It is active in three domains.


Operationalization of the VPA.


Empowering CSOs (Civil Society Organizations) and local communities to contribute to the implementation of the VPA.


Support to the private sector in the implementation of the VPA, promoting legal and sustainable forest industries.

focused on:

Will last for

5 years

8 Priority
  • Cameroon
  • Central African Rep.
  • Ghana
  • Guyana
  • Honduras
  • Liberia
  • Republic of Congo
  • Vietnam
Country Forest Cover (ha)* Wood volume export in Europe (Tons)**
Cameroon 20 340 000 303 728 (2018)
Central African Republic 22 303 000 127 806 (2020)
Ghana 7 986 000 33 018 (2019)
Guyana 18 415 000 7 478 (2020)
Honduras 6 359 000 919 (2019)
Liberia 7 617 000 No data
Republic of Congo 21 946 000 111 357 (2020)
Vietnam 14 643 000 50 048 (2020)
  • * Global Forest Resources Assessment (FAO, 2020)
  • ** 44 Wood and articles of wood; wood charcoal (ITC, 2020)

The Programme is structured around three components, namely, the Institutional Component (C1), the Private Sector and Civil Society component (C2) and the Programme Management component (C3).

The Coordination Unit of the EU FLEGT VPA Programme is separated between the Technical Operator (Consortium ETICWOOD/Nature+) and the Administrative and Financial Operator (e-sud development).

The Coordination Unit

The technical coordination of the project is implemented by the consortium composed by the consulting firm ETICWOOD (based in Belgium) and the non-profit organisation Nature+ (hosted by the University of Gembloux, Belgium).

The consortium sets up a team of experts, organized between Belgium for the project team, and the three continents concerned by the Programme for the different focal points.

The assigned Consortium experts and their respective roles within the EU FLEGT VPA Programme are as follows:

  • Jérome Laporte ETICWOOD Director: Project Coordinator.
  • Julien Philippart ETICWOOD Deputy Director: Responsible for the monitoring and evaluation of component 1 and the “private sector” section of component 2.
  • Cécilia Julve Nature+ Director: Responsible for the monitoring and evaluation of the “CSO/NGO” section of component 2. She’s also in charge of communication and capitalisation.
  • Lola Vrydagh General support for the focal points and the project’s team.
  • Arthur Chantrain Managing Director of ETICWOOD Gabon: Focal point for Africa, based in Gabon.
  • Uan Le Cong Focal point for Vietnam, based in Hanoi.
  • Lola Vrydagh Contact person for Guyana and Honduras

In addition, the administrative and financial management of the programme is provided by e-sud. E-sud is a French consulting company created in 2009, which provides technical support to Public Administrations in the development and cooperation sectors.

The experts have proven skills in several technical fields such as institutional support, public finance management, public procurements, information systems and assistance to contracting authorities.

Within the EU FLEGT VPA Programme, e-sud is in charge of supporting AFD in the selection, recruitment and contracting of technical operators and providing all financial management (inc. payments and financial monitoring / reporting to AFD and EU).

The 3 members of the e-sud team on the FLEGT programme are:

  • Vincent Tanguy Team leader
  • Glenn André Project management / Team leader support
  • Sylvie Rousse Administrative and Financial Manager

Our Projects

In progress

Support for the participatory and informed development of the five-year FLEGT plan 2023 - 2027, the monitoring and evaluation framework for its implementation and the first annual work plan (2023)

Date : 01/09/2022
In progress

Support to the Technical Secretariat

Date : 01/09/2022
In progress

Gap analysis of the regulatory framework - Structuring of administrations - FLEGT VPA process

Date : 01/06/22

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Lola Vrydagh Contact person for Guyana & Honduras
Arthur Chantrain Focal Point for Africa
Uan Le Cong Focal Point for Vietnam

With the support of